Nyla Bright writes in Seven Hills, Ohio. Her bachelor’s in English Literature and Masters of Science in Management Information Systems come in handy when wrangling her son, dog, cats, turtle, and husband (in that order).  She is a member of several local writing groups including The Cajun Sushi Hamsters from Hell and The Gentle Ladies Adventure Society & Liquor Adjacent Debate Club.

She is dyslexic, which makes for interesting spelling, but her learning disability has never inhibited her love of stories.  Where most writers can read a book every week, it takes Nyla two or three times as long to get through a novel.  Slow means she reads very deeply.  She also listens to audiobooks, fiction podcasts, and, best of all, her husband reading to her at bedtime.

In other words, she lives very dull life… or would like you to think so.


Pygmy Forest of Mini Trees in Van Damme State Park, Nyla Bright & headless child, 2016