Curriculum Vitae is Latin and means “course of life.”  Regardless of what else I’ve done in my life, stories have leaked in the back of my mind.  They have stalked my idle moments and hovered over me as I slept.  Occasionally, they made it to paper.  These uncommon sheets get shared with friends and fewer still shared with possible publications.  A select few get published.  This is not the course of my life as a writer.  These are the recherché, pale children who have escaped the dungeon of my mind and found the light.

  1. ” The Turkey Incident” published in Peeks and Valleys in November 2004.   Marie just wants to prepare a perfect Thanksgiving meal for a small group 102 of their closest friends.  But her husband, Carl, is getting in the way.
  2. “Refrigerator Mothers” performed at Keep Talking: A Storytelling show on August 2, 2017, in Cleveland, Ohio.  A true, personal essay about Nyla’s struggles with her mother and her own struggles raising a neuroatypical son.
  3. “Objective Contagion”  is a bedtime story of when the robots walked away. Released on June 27, 2018, on the 600 Seconds Saga Podcast 
  4. “The Cats of Santa Agatha” are a problem for the new parish priest. In the end, it is proven who really belongs in the little mission. Published on Page & Spine, October 19th, 2018.
  5. Spectrum of Acceptance” released on Escape Pod podcast, July 18, 2019 and read by Maxine Moore. Ada is NT, born on a neurodiverse planet.  She feels very much the square peg in a round hole. No that is a metaphor.  Metaphors confuse people.  She doesn’t feel like she fits; not until she makes eye contact and a closer connection with another NT person.
  6. The Kio Empress” appeared in Bronzeville Bee in December 10, 2019. On vacation at her Grandmother’s house in Japan, Alexandria saves a fish from being eaten by a snake and makes a startling discovery.
  7. “Mothers Know Buttons” published in DreamForge Magazine in July  2020. The Personal Digital Assistant was supposed to make her life easier.  Instead, she is arguing with it about if her daughter has a button stuck up her nose or not.
  8. “A Clown in the Woods” was included in The NoSleep Podcast SP 15: Bonus Suddenly Shocking Vol 13, March 2021.  The clown hates his job when something from the woods calls to him. (I adore the foley effects on this one.)