#ScaryCute and other Nerdy things

If you check out my twitter you will find a good many #ScaryCute posts.  #ScaryCute is just a shorthand for things so cute they are scary, things that are cute made scary, or best of all, things that are scary made cute.

On the Writing Excuses podcast there is an episode where the authors talk about Lovecraftian horror.  The art of horror is taking something every day and showing how truly scary it is.  Lovecraft showed how dangerous books were and even a color.  It is the mashing of the mundane and unexpected that makes good horror interesting.  It is also why Lovecraft’s ideas are far more popular than his books.  After all, the horror was indescribable but I will spend the next 10 pages describing it to you.

Need some examples of scary cute?  Check out the visual work of these folks:

Nathan Davis


Or follow me @nylabright on Twitter as I find examples.

Have fun storming the castle!

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