Pictures of me

I hate taking pictures of myself.  My husband is awful about taking pictures of me; they are always of me sitting on the floor in my robe on Christmas morning with the kid.  My hair wild and unbrushed.

Long story short, there aren’t a lot of good pictures of me. Last 9 months I’ve been rocking blue hair.  I added a purple stripe this month (no pictures of that, of course).  Here are few from the last 2 years that pass muster:

I am aware I need to get a professional picture done.  I’m not like my friend, Marie Vibbert, who looks amazing in all photos and who looks the same today as when I first met her a little over 15 years ago.  But I think I will put it off for a day longer, maybe a month or two longer?  I guess when I have an agent I will need to buckle down and get it done.