The End is near — of Write-a-Thon

I’ve been kind of quit about Write-a-Thon.  My goal was submissions, which was easy at the start of the fund raiser but has drawn to a crawl as I had a patch of deep seated angst about the skills and future as a writer.

Which brings up the purpose of the Clarion workshop.  It not only provides writer with an opportunity to improve on their writing skills but also improves their understanding of the business of writing genre fiction.  I support Clarion because I want to go someday.  You should support Clarion because:

  1. You want me do the workshop someday.
  2. You like Science Fiction and Fantasy and want to read more.
  3. You want to read more high quality SF&F.
  4. You know it is better for writers to be writing than left alone to slowly morph into super villains.
  5. You’ve read the works of the following authors and want more like it:
    1. Octavia Butler
    2. Geoffrey A. Landis
    3. Mary Turzillo
    4. Ted Chiang
    5. Cory Doctorow
    6. Nnedi Okorafor
    7. Ferrett Steinmetz
    8. Marie Vibert
    9. So many more I’m clueless about.
  6. Did I mention the public safety issue of keeping “creatives” engaged in writing instead of inventing world ending technologies?  Seriously folks.
  7. It would make me happy.  Ok. maybe not happy.  I am 3/4th German.  It would validate me.

So, click on through to my Clarion Write-a-Thon page.  Pledge or make a flat donation.  Thank you.