The Big Reveal

Have you been biting your nails wondering what I’m going to do to up my Clarion Write-a-thon fundraising game?  To recap, last post I talked about the three things I see Marie Vibbert do that blows the rest of us out of the water:

  1. Be social
  2. Ask and repeat the ask regularly
  3. Offer a prize

I think #1 is a lost cause for me.  I’m social compared to some but there are just somethings I don’t do well or the emotional wear-in-tear of doing them is too much for my poor nerves.  BUT, I do know social people or people who know people who are social.  Share my post!  Even if you can’t contribute, sharing helps others see this so they can donate.

That leaves us with #2 and #3.  I’ve written about the importance of doing bad art that isn’t the art form you are working to perfect.  Fear not! I am not offering my awful acrylic paintings as a prize.  No, I’m going a step further.  String Art (or Pin and String Art) was super popular in the 1960’s,  It’s had something of a revival in recent years–with embellishments.

Here is something I did recently for a friend:

String Art made of string and nails in a board, of Baby Yoda holding an LED lightsaber.

Yes, friends, if you donate to my Clarion Write-a-thon (that is the link to donate right there), you will be entered in for a chance to win your own poorly executed Chesire Cat string art.  I will be sharing details of my progress, both in the Write-a-thon and on the prize, as people make donations.

So, what are your action steps?

  1. Go to my Clarion Write-a-thon page and donate money for scholarships for the Clarion Workshop, a 6-week intensive, professional, genre writing program.
  2. Share this with your network.

Make it so!