Clarion Write-a-thon Conclusion

Clarion Write-a-thon has drawn to a close.  Winner of the yet to be fully produced Cheshire Cat string art is: Adam Nobel.  Thank you, Adam.  And thank you to everyone else who donated.

Lessons learned:

  1. When you have writers block, write something.  Personal essay, porn, an angry rant that will never see the light of day.  Write.
  2. No one will donate to a cause you haven’t told them about.
  3. Telling people once isn’t enough.
  4. Telling people on one platform isn’t enough.
  5. Don’t live stream until you have cleared your desk.
  6. Teenage boys would rather do chores than be your lovely assistant.
  7. Finish your prize before the last day of the write-a-thon.
  8. Don’t let yourself off the hook on daily writing goals.
  9. Sometimes you have to let yourself off the hook.
  10. No one becomes a better writer alone.  We need feedback, mentors, readers, friends and family.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to the Clarion Write-a-thon, even if you didn’t donate through my page.  You have helped continue to grow the SF&F writing community.  We had a painful reminder recently why new and diverse voices are important.  For SF&F to remain relivant we need a constant influx of new voices.

If you want to watch my clunky live stream, here it is, saved in amber:

If you still want to donate, you can’t win the prize but, let’s be honest, the real prize is great SF&F stories: